Let’s take more information about the 4D analysis system


In theory winning the 4D Lottery is easy; you only forecast the right digits ahead of the draw and win millions times. In reality, nevertheless, forecasting the numbers is no easy thing. Everybody takes their own way, though generally these boil down to five different techniques skills basing on the 4D result 88. But which method is the best?

How to select the Lotto 4D numbers

Each of these different techniques promises the same result from very different meanings. Some seem available on the surface, others seem downright outlandish; but are any of them exactly worthwhile? Is there any technique to truly forecast upcoming digits, or at the very least improve your opportunities? Or is it, exactly like they know, only the fortunate of the draw? In this post we are going to take a pragmatic, straight-talking look at every technique to see whether any of these approaches carry any weight.

4D result 88

The Lucky number analysis techniques

With no a doubt the Lucky Number technique is the most common way for selecting the lottery numbers from the 4D result 88. Science has also proven that, even with not trying, as pattern-finding characteristics. We are neurologically predisposed to select digits that have importance to us – even if we are not consciously aware of it.

The Lucky Numbers(4d result 88)

We have covered this idea so many times before and will no doubt continue to because we have asked about it on a mostly weekly basis. The reality is that all luck is the relative and fortunate digits are no exception. What is lucky for me might be unlucky for you – and vice versa so who is absolutely to say what is absolutely lucky?


This takes the lucky number techniques and tries to ground it in something tangible and relatable – namely crucial dates including the birthdays and anniversaries. The birth date of one’s first child, for instance, can naturally be associated with good luck. Even though not necessarily beyond the context of that individual event.

toto result 88 -4D result 88

The fortunate number technique: Pros/Cons

No matter how you look at it, the fortunate number approach serves no pros beyond the sentimental.  Of course this is not to say you should not continue playing them. Your digits have the same chance as any other set of being drawn but you also have the placed advantages positive association. Jan, our millionth players, for instance, told us that he loves to play his father’s numbers. He is not alone. Most people who play with the lucky numbers do so since it boosts their enjoyment of the game by allowing them to feel a deeper connection with it. That’s not since they desire to win with those numbers specifically.

The obvious cons of lucky numbers is that you are far more likely to share winnings with other gamers. Only ask the 26,000-odd Lost fans who decided to play Mega Millions with character Hurley’s “cursed” Lottery 4D result 88  digits. In a twist worthy of the display itself the numbers did hence turn out to be winners. However, because so many players had played identical numbers each gamer just got $150 each.

It is the same story with selecting dates; you gain your opportunities that others will pick the same numbers as you while also simultaneously declining your choices to a maximum of 31.

toto result88

The statistical technique of the 4D Lottery

Lucky numbers – Ok! We make our own luck in this world!

Those who champion the statistical technique have no time for sentimentality and love to crunch the numbers. They believe in an ordered universe where everything follows specific patterns – even the damacai 4d lottery.

Hot and Cold digits

Again this is another idea that we have covered in detail before and get asked about a lot. Hot lottery digits are those that get selected a lot, cold numbers are ones that don’t. Those who subscribe to hot digit theory believe that the numbers that get chosen a lot are lucky, and should therefore be played as much as possible. Players who believe in cold number theory, meanwhile, believe that rarely drawn numbers are overdue to be drawn in the future.

The Statistical technique: Pros/Cons:

You can come up with statistics to prove anything“, Homer Simpson as said, “forty proportion of all players know that.” We could not agree more.

Even though the statistical method to selecting lottery digits may seem more scientific, there is nothing scientific about it because there is no correlation between the results of one draw and the following.

toto result 88

The systematic technique

Some lottery gamers are not convinced by luck or statistic, however, instead become great with named lottery analysis systems. There are lots of different patterns out there, arranging from simple patterns to expensive books and program, even though once again none can guarantee wins.


  • September 20, 2016

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