Tips help you spending cards for divination to select the lucky Lottery numbers

4d result today malaysia live help you find lucky number

This was a theme that came up last week and got me thinking (from the rarefied spiritual musings of the Ironwing last period to this week’s How to get a big win in the Lottery!).

Someone was asking as there was a tried and checked technique of spending cards – tarot cards to select the lucky Lottery digits. They did not specify winning Lottery 4d result today Malaysia live  numbers, but I am forecasting that was the general idea. The target is a fascinating one; all players will tell you that at some point or other they will have heard the gauntlet-tossing gaming of well as tarot works how come you have not won the Lottery? Of course, tarot does not operate like that. It is nebulous, it is uncanny (we say), it operates in mysterious techniques and most of all it loves being specific.

4d result today malaysia live

Choosing lucky numbers is easy or difficult

It will tell you what might occur, how you might feel, an available outcome but it cannot tell you what the rate of inflation will be in Africa, or what a yen will be worth as you travel to Japan following year and it certainly cannot predict accurate digits for a Lottery win, can it? For instance, tarot seems to shie away. There are those who deem such spends of the cards “unspiritual” (as if spiritual was telling a lovesick player in Idaho or Innsbruck that, yes, tonight’s date will lead to something more.)

I do not subscribe to this at all, but I do think that the opportunities of my winning lottery digits coming up – nevertheless I select them – are very slim indeed. The opportunities of me drawing an option of random numbers via cards which absolutely match those winnning numbers, is even more slim. The opportunities of these digits matching the same week and nation of the draw is very, very slim indeed.

4d result today malaysia live help you find lucky number

Spending cards for 4D result today Malaysia live

Nevertheless, surely it is no more irrational spending cards to select lottery digits than it is juxtaposing your birthday with your mom’s birthday, with the age of your dog and the number of your house, the usual technique spent to choose a string of hopefully lucky numbers for 4D result today Malaysia live. I do not understand how the Lottery operates in different nations, all I know is that it varies widely, but here, the “Euromillions” draw that occurs twice a week requires you to opt seven digits; five digits from 1-50 and then two bonus “star” or extra numbers from 1-11.

I believe the National Lottery in the United Kingdom has a system along these lines as well. I have sometimes selected my 4D result today Malaysia live numbers haphazardly – pen poised like a pin over a map – deep breath, eyes watching into the mid-distance as if invoking spirits, getting messages from the beyond.

4d result today malaysia live

Tricks find lucky numbers from card

This week, I thought it might be cheerful to spend my cards. My first thought was of a deck which does absolutely have inbuilt Lottery numbers; the Italian deck “Le Carte della Fortuna” declared by Modiano. It is an 8-card deck and every card has a number in red in the top right hand corner. The deck can be spent for conventional fortune telling and the artwork is a peculiar mix of Biedemeier naive with elegant 1930s.

It is a very greatdeck and for those who read with Lenormands and can understand a bit of Italian (or any romance language) it is a simple deck to spend and – with its playing card inserts feelings like good old-fashioned gypsy cartomancy. Yet as you love it out on the table, you can spend it to select your lottery numbers.

Except that the numbers 51-56 do not absolutely help you. Additionally, how would you choose the 1-11 extra numbers? Presumably you will have to fish out the first eleven cards and randomly select from these. There is actually quite a tradition of spending cards to select lottery numbers, especially in Italy. Lo Scarabeo have published the 52-card double-ended Sibilla Della Fortuna which is labelled on the box as “for winning the lotto and super-lotto” and can be spent for selecting numbers from 1-90.



Now imagine my surprise when, upon checking the result the following day, I saw that I had won. Of course, before you all accuse me of making all this up, let me introduce. I did not win the big bucks, I am not a millionaire, so I did truly opt three numbers out of the seven, which absolutely quite amazed me.

Not the first prize but absolutely not the last. Out of thirteen prizes, kicking on three numbers is the eleventh prize. I next decided to try again (feeling bold) a few days later spending the same technique and – incredibly – won again (only two winning digits this time; the thirteenth prize.) The winnings are not significant I have to confess; maybe enough for a nice lunch somewhere, but it bring me the feeling of a “work in progress”.

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  • September 27, 2016

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