The amazing luck for RM72.3mil of two men in Malaysian


      Prediction Numbers : 7753

          People have believed that the toto 4d lucky number lottery is a game of chance in which they lose more than win. However, this thought is not absolute true for gamblers of Malaysian Toto4d lottery since there are two men who win total of RM72.3mil at Malaysian Toto lottery are regarded as the luckiest bettors ever these days. The owners of this amazing prize are Mr. Wong and Mr. Kenny.  Let’s find out a little bit about the lucky men of Malaysian Toto lottery at Jaya. The first person is Mr. Kenny who comes from Kedah got the total of RM31.5mil. This great deal of money goes to him by accident because of the fact that he did not play the lottery until his friend had him buy tickets at an outlet of the Sports Toto three years ago. And he began participating in the Lottery world from those days. There is an interesting thing shared by Mr. Kenny. He knows that the prize he can get form Malaysian Toto lottery is extremely high.


            Therefore, he is keen on spending from RM10 to RM20 to purchase the lucky tickets for each draw with only one purpose of trying how lucky he is. Of course, for him, winning the prize is unthinkable.  And it is pretty surprising that he won a big money. And next is another incredible story of Mr. Wong from Penang. After 10 years of playing the Sports Toto games, this businessman won the prize of RM40.8mil Supreme Toto 4d lucky number 6/58 Jackpot draw on December 19. Although it took him a long period to keep playing the lottery, Wong has not a specific strategy to win in the game. In fact, he picked randomly any tickets he saw on the counter. And it is not anyone else but his wife who found out this awesome winning. Both Mr. Wong and Mr. Kenny planned to spend money settling loans and education of kids, investment and charity as well.

  • August 5, 2016

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