How to analysis 4d result live today ?

4d result live today


An X, a cross, a line, a heart – you can mark your lucky paper out in any shape you need. Truth is whichever pattern you play your opportunities of winning are no better or worse than any other technique. Only problem is you may be underestimating how many players are spending the true same patterns and therefore selecting the exact same numbers you are. So as you do win you may have to share with lots of other gamers.

Books and "Systems"

Let's only come right out and say it – these are scams. As there was a guaranteed method to win the lottery 4D result live today hence the last thing these self-styled lottery gurus would be doing is telling the public how to do so. Surely there is more cash to be made actually winning multiple jackpots than selling others your mystery.

4d result live today

Lottery number analysis system software

This is probably a more sophisticated type of scam that, on the surface. May seem suitable since the sales copy reads so good, it is got lots of testimonials and so on. However, seriously, come on! As someone managed to develop software that absolute could forecast the lottery 4D result live today they would not share it with anybody. You are basically talking about a real, digital crystal ball . Which, logically, could also be used to forecast the stock market, the weather, everything! It is the stuff of science fiction.

The systematic analysis technique: Pros/Cons

Spending simple patterns and/or systems to select digits will invariably result in shared wins because you are guaranteed not to be the only player utilizing that technique. Beware, too, of snake oil salesmen selling costly lottery select solutions or software that is nothing more than an overdressed random number provider – i.e. the same underlying technology spent in great picks.

4d result live today

The mystical technique

Even though I do not want to trample on anyone's faith, there is scant evidence to support horoscopes, numerology, dream translation or psychic providence and absolutely zero incidences of it having any bearing on one's capability to win the lottery.

How to select Lotto numbers


These old faith systems stem from our ancestors' limited understanding of the mathematics and the cosmos. The Zodiac has been debunked; we recently know that there are far more constellations in the sky. Numerology, however, is a pseudo-science dating back to the days as the most sophisticated computational tools accessible were clay tablets and abacuses.

Dreams and Psychics

You may dream a set of digits, or experience déjà vu whilst selecting a set, though there is zero scientific evidence to support that it will have any effect on things that have yet to happen.

4d result live today

The mystical technique: Pros/Cons

Other than the fact that these techniques have long-since been debunked you need to ask yourself; as psychics absolutely did happen why are they working in crappy call centres all day as they could only pick the winning numbers and become millionaires? At best your opportunities of winning are no better or worse than any other techniques, except as you do win the first thing you will want to do is pay off your phone bill.

The sensible technique

As you are getting about cash the available approach is sometimes the best approach. Of course if you plike to play your lucky numbers, and feel that doing so gains your lottery 4D result live today enjoyment, hence that is your personal option.

That said, as an industry leader who deals absolutely in online lotteries, we're in a unique position to give advice to lottery gamers. On this common topic we sometimes advise gamers to spend quick selections.

4d result live today

The probability of any given set of digits being drawn is equal. The probability that other gamers will also select those numbers is not. So better to have a set of fully-random digits, less probably to be chosen by other gamers, to decline the risk of shared wins. After all, the draw itself is random, so selecting your numbers at random makes sense too.

Gamers who want to have the best of both worlds – and raise their opportunities of winning – should play with system entries. These allow you to play more than the requirement deal of numbers (e.g. more than five regular numbers for Euro Millions) hence increasing your odds of winning exponentially.

What we have noticed many players do is start off with a randomly generated quick selection – by pressing the Quick+1 button – then adding their own special lucky numbers in composition with those picks.

System entries cost more because you are adding multiple composition (think of it like having a bunch of different lottery lucky papers each with a related series of numbers) which is precisely why it is favoured by syndicates.

4d result live today


Playing with a syndicate, incidentally, is much simply than you might think. We have even created a special guide to support you begin your own online lotto syndicate consisting of advice on setting up a syndicate agreement. So there is nothing stopping you from embarking on one of the most successful techniques of winning the lottery!

Plus, with another massive Euro Millions Superdraw scheduled for June 5th the timing could not be better!

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  • October 6, 2016

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