Experiencing The Lottery Prior To Your 20s

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I have lots of friends who is fond of playing lottery game, they often play the lottery, whenever of the day or what occasion. Since then, I have realized that young people will have so much fun as they get the win in comparison with the olds who just purchase you a round of beer and that’s it!

I know as I write this, the oldies will dislike me, but absolutely your body won’t support if you were to suddenly shake a leg the time you win! Just get imagination that you are an elderly and you have just won the lottery, what happening next?

You have family and maybe kids to celebrate it with, right? But imagine the first this you’re might do in case you’re in your 20s’ is dance until you are out of breath, drink like there’s no tomorrow, scream your lungs out and party all night, and still be ready for work.

You might already work a regular job for most of your life if you are old. However, you don’t have to concern about a permanent job at your 20s if you know how to invest your money to make it support and get profits for you.

If you’re old, it doesn’t even matter anymore, maybe you are possible to utilize the amount to pay off mortgages or something, but for a young people, life has just started! There are two solutions of looking at this: suppose you won the lottery and say in 2 years you’re back to square one, you still be able to work again if having enough energy.

In short

That you are playing the lottery is another way of looking at it, yet you haven’t won anything yet. You can still keep on working without anxiety, but the old people is not in this case. If they have no bankroll, they have to base on somebody to aid them on finance in order that they are capable to go on playing the lottery.

If you are a young person and fond of playing the lottery, do not lose hope because you still have a long way to continue and it can be that on your way you probably pick up a jackpot or two to celebrate your life about!


  • March 29, 2017

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