Fake Lottery Tickets

Lucky Number: 9343


Among those fake lottery tickets, you’re never going to be able to forget the look on their faces when they find out that they’ve won a jackpot and after they find out that they’ve been tricked! You can use fake lottery tickets to fool just about anyone.

Fake lottery tickets look very real and you easily can’t go wrong when you gift them to your victims! They’ll immediately trust that the real-looking fake lottery tickets are legitimate. When they scratch, they will see that they’ve won! See the excitement on their face! These fake lottery tickets are nicely designed and look and feel like real lottery tickets that devoted lottery players buy at their local lottery vendors.

 fake lottery tickets

Realizing Fake Lottery Tickets

Due to every fake lottery ticket is a winner, sometimes people “win” RM10,000, RM20,000 and even RM50,000! As soon as these victims win, they will I want to call their loved ones to share the excitement and then it depends on how far you want to take it! If you think you probably holding a fake lottery ticket, all you have to do is read the fine print on the back and your dreams will automatically bite the dust!

Realizing Fake lottery

That’s the problem with we don’t read the fine print as we’re so excited that we just don’t care about anything else! But that’s our mistake! May people find that fake lottery tickets are funny and ideal for revenge! It’s perfect for holiday gifts, birthdays and family parties!

You can actually give them to just about anyone and then you can just stand there pretend it’s not a fake lottery ticket. Hence make sure you have the camera on so you can capture each and every second with starting from when they excitedly scratch the ticket, all the way to when they want to punch you in the face!



  • March 21, 2017

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