How to augur the lucky number in Magnum Toto Damacai

Summary of my lottery history

First of all, I will be honest with you – I have never won an awesome money in the Magnum Toto Damacai. I am required date not been lucky (or alert) enough to access winning lottery digits. I have heard many first-hand accounts of players who have. Hopefully, we can understand from their successes, hone our own observation skills and sixth senses and one day rise like a phoenix from the ashes of getting lottery papers.

A typical friend of a friend has obtained a bit of an innovation for having fantastic fortunate in 4D, having won quite a few money. He is reportedly a devout Malaysia and prays frequently. One night a couple of years back, he dreamt of four spears whistling past in the night. The following day he purchased the 4D numbers 1111 and won second prize.

Moral of the story: Be mindful of any digits or numerical patterns that probably appear in your dreams. Even in the absence of explicit digits, pay attention to dream signals or motifs which can be interpreted numerically. Be creative in your interpretations. Have pen and paper on hand to take down any crucial details before you roll over and go back to sleep.

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What is the number of some people who around me?

The father of a friend’s girlfriend, who had never purchased a single Magnum Toto damacai lottery ticket in his life. There was got a sudden and inexplicable feeling that his son’s license plate digit would strike 4D. Nevertheless, only because I have never struck 4D or Toto does not mean that you never will. Or thereby that I will never have the opportunity to. So for the first time in his life he purchased $80 big and $80 small, winning a cool $23,000.

Moral of the story: Listen to your sixth sense. As a typical set of digits (probably come from anywhere: license plates, house unit digits, telephone numbers, I/C numbers and so on) seems to trigger your intuition. It could well be the universe’s method of bringing you a nudge.

My friend’s car was involved in a little collision with another transportation mean. She promptly purchased the license plate digits of both autos, one of which won a big 4D money.

Moral of the story: Events or encounters which would normally not have occurred probably come pegged with winning digits. Take note of highly coincidental or unexpected events such as accidents and significant opportunity meetings.

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Those who live in Malaysia and have the luxury of playing both Malaysia Pools Toto (similar to Lotto in many nation; first prize involves selecting 6 winning digits out of 45) and 4D (first prize involves selecting 4 winning numbers in the correct order) should be aware that in general (okay I cannot absolutely substantiate this but then I have never heard of anyone achieving 6 Toto numbers from 1-45). Many players only purchase Quick pick for Toto anyway. Nevertheless, as ever you suspect you may have Toto numbers directly, do not let the chances pass you by. Nevertheless, only because I have never struck 4D or Toto does not mean that you never will, or thereby that I will never have the opportunity to.

  • December 27, 2016

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