How you can guess 4D in Damacai live to boost your winning the Lottery

What is the way to predict  4D lucky numbers in Damacai live to raise your chances of winning big money from the Lotto

I always try to give my parents a phone call everyday. Yesterday was like others. We talk on the phone and they said that the New Year was on the way. Moreover, I am believed to be luckier in the coming year from the Feng Shui theory.

And I am not a superstitious individual and I oftentimes take such forecast with a grain of salt, but I do not want to curb their expectation hence I texted back and replied, of course, that is the reason why I am beginning a new business this year and taking my opportunities in making some cash through the internet as well.

To which she replied, remember to play the Damacai 4d of the Lottery. You probably only get lucky.

demacai live

How I can get lucky number

As an engineer, I can absolutely compute and prove that the opportunities of being struck by lightning is indeed higher than winning the Lotto jackpot. Likely this is the reason why I am not such a big lover of the Malaysia Lottery. However, it absolutely got me thinking.

In spite of the obvious benefits, why do many people still play? I can just conclude that expect is absolutely a strong motivator.

Then I was hesitant at the first time as I am going to write about this. How many personal finance bloggers have you read that absolutely brought strategies on how to win the Lotto?

I am sure not much or none at all. But in the end, I decided to go ahead and dispense some mathematically proven plans on how to raise your opportunities of winning the toto 4d easily since in spite of the discouraging probabilities of kicking the jackpot, you would still continue to gamble or likely at one point in the future, be tempted to purchase a ticket in the expectation of getting lucky and becoming one of the next millionaires.

demacai live

Some tips:

Nonetheless, before we go into that, I would like to bring some advices:

* Firstly

You do not need to play regularly or gamble on a lot of combination. The opportunities of winning the Lottery jackpot as you place many gambles or as you play everyday raises just by a very, very small proportion. Believe me, it is really, really close to zero.

* Secondly

This gives me to my next point which is to play only as you have additional cash. As you actually want to place a gamble, then take it out of your entertainment target.

* Thirdly

Damacai live lucky papers. Do not keep it in your wallet; put it in a safe place. And lastly, do not forget to check as you won. I actually have a friend who explored that he won a little payout several months after he purchased the ticket. He hid it inside a book and entirely forgot about it until he decided to read that particular book one afternoon.

Moreover, without further ado, here are some number combinations that are most probably to come out in six-ball lottery draws. This analysis was done spending probability formulas and was tested for validity against the Malaysia Damacai live Lotto 6/42 winning digit draw results from 2006 and 2007 as provided by the Malaysia Charity Sweepstakes Office web.

Odd digits are those which end in 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 whilst even digits are those which end in 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8. You are more probably to win as your odd or even number combination is either 2-4, 3-3 or 4-2. Over 70% of the winning combinations in the Malaysia Lotto 6/42 in the past two years are in this kind with the 3-3 (three odd numbers and three even numbers) combination leading with over 30% of the draws.

4d past result Damacai live

Sum of numbers in the Damacai live Malaysia

You are opportunities of winning are higher as the sum of your number mixture is within the middle range of all available sums. To compute this, only add the first six numbers and the last six numbers of the Lottery balls and divide by two. For the Malaysia Lotto 6/42, it is 1 + 2 + 3 + 8 + 5 + 6 + 88 + 38 + 39 + 35 + 41 + 42, which is equal to 308. Add and subtract at the most 30 to that and you will have the best range for your deals. In 2006 and 2007, the deals of over 70% of the winning draw results in the Malaysia Lotto 6/42 is between 99 and 159.

Low-High mixture of Damacai live

Divide the highest ball digit by two and you have the bordery for your low digits and high digits. For the Malaysia Lotto 6/42, it is 42 divided by two or 21. This means that the digits from 1 through 21 are low numbers whilst the upper range of 22 through 42 are the high digits. Only like the odd-even mixture, probability displays that it is more probably that the low-high mixture of the winning results are either 2-4, 3-3 or 4-2. Again, over 70% of the results from the past two years follow this pattern with the 3-3 (three low digits and three high digits) attribute displaying in more than 25% of the winning mixtures.

toto 4d lucky number Damacai live

These three are the typical patterns which you should typical consider. Other elements worth referring are as follows:

#1 : Consecutive numbers of Malaysia lottery

It is unlikely that the winning lottery draw result will have four or more consecutive digits.

#2 : Number combination

It is unlikely that the winning Damacai live will have five numbers which belong to the same number group (five single-digits, five numbers or five 20’s and so on).

#3: Last numbers

It is unlikely that the winning Malaysia lotto result will have four digits which have the same last numbers.

These six rules are basically your best methods in evaluating as your number mixture has a good opportunity of winning. Please remember that these are mere instructions and does not guarantee that you will win. In mathematically thinking, the range of 1-2-3-4-5-6 has surely the same opportunity of winning as any other random mixture. So as your favorite digits, your birthday, the ages of your family members or your wedding event does not fall into these suggested patterns, do not fret, you can still gamble on that. In the final analysis, even if you do not win, be happy with the reality that your cash will be going to charity and will be spent to support other players in need.

You will get more cash making strategies as you subscribe to Ready To Be Rich.

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  • December 27, 2016

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