How to increase your chance of winning Toto 4D?

Have you ever wondered why there are many people winning Toto4D everyday and you are not one of them yet? Or have you asked yourself about what magical tricks they used? If you feel confused about that, if you feel fear for the fate never win lottery once, you can refer to this article. In this article, I will expose some of the canonical trick of these lottery players and long-time lottery winners. Based on that, you can increase your chances of winning Toto 4D and make the dream become a billionaire lottery.

increase your chance of winning Toto 4D

Basic knowledge about Toto 4D

If you are a fan of lottery games, make sure that you will know about Toto 4D. Toto 4D is a kind of lottery and I can say that it is the hottest kind. More specifically, Toto 4D is a type of lottery which is select and played the most in Malaysia, Singapore and some other countries in Asia. It attracts millions players who come from lots of different parts of the world each year because of its simplicity, the unexpected, the interesting, the unpredictable and the most important things is huge winning payouts. Playing Toto 4D is so simple. All you need to do is select your favorite number range with 4 numbers from 0000 to 9999 or let the random picker do it for you, then choose the size of betting, hope luck and wait for your results. So playing is easy, but play to get jackpots is not simple. So, how to play effectively and increase your chance of winning of Toto 4D with toto 4d lucky number? Now I will show you.

Playing as much as possible

If you are a lucky person, though you choose random numbers indiscriminately, you still have a chance to fully become the winner. However, because it is less likely to occur, so you should play it as much as possible. You should see this as a form of practice, and it will really help you improve your ability to predict Toto 4D result today.

Base on Toto 4D result history

This is an effective tips of many lottery games especially those who have won for a long time. This means that you should not ignore any Toto 4D result history, try to grasp them and use them to predict the next winning numbers. There are many people get winning with this tips. For example about a man in Malaysia, every day, he pays attention and set up a table of winning numbers in a month. With this table, he studies, analysts and predicts Toto 4D results for the next draw. And actually, there is amazing thing happen. He often gets prizes from third prizes, second prizes, first prizes to jackpots in a long time.

Don’t forget Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a magical factor which no scientist can explain, however, according to some reports, every day there are many people who get winning thank to take advantage numbers in Feng Shui as the anniversary dates, birthdays, special dates, or use the lucky number in Feng Shui like 7, 8, 9. So you should try this way. Maybe it really can help you predict the results like Toto result Malaysia correctly.

I hope the tips which I listed above can help you improve your luck and your chance of winning. So let’s use them and get jackpots with Toto 4D


  • October 20, 2017

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