Playing lottery to try luck and hope to win the prize is a common gambling not only in Malaysia but also all around the world. The numbers on lottery ticket always will be able to bring the huge win for players or nothing to get. Many people spend money and time to buy 6d toto lottery tickets without reaching any prizes, even consolation prize. Maybe they are wondering why luck has not smiled at them yet and how to get the win once with the 6d lottery. This article will reveal them some 6d prediction formula to increase winning rate with 6d and get profits from this lottery game.

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  Some features of 6d Malaysia lottery system

6d Toto lottery is one of the most popular types of lottery game in Malaysia like 3d, 4d or 5d. Players will choose their 6d number and wait the draw result to know whether they win or not. The 6d Toto lottery is developing in Malaysia with a huge of sites providing this service. If you would like to try your luck and win the lottery, you can play it anytime.

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  How to predict 6d prediction formula result history

There are many different forms that will support you in predicting and selecting an exact 4D lucky number to contribute your winning percentage. Here are some best ways you are able to try applying if you are looking for a 6d winning number.

Utilize the history of 6d result

If you check the number of times drawn in the whole history, in the previous years or in the last 100 draw along with identifying the minimum and maximum thresholds to know the draw trends, you are able to predict and choose right a winning number for ongoing draws.

If you only based on the number of times draw, that will be not enough basis to make a decision whether a certain number will be likely or unlikely to appear in the next draw. First, you need to know the tendency before looking at the number times of draw.

The minimum and maximum thresholds are the lowest and highest probability of drawn times for numbers happening over a duration respectively. This is identified by repeating the history of the draw in a consistent manner using a fixed time bucket.

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Through determining the minimum and maximum, it is possible for you to look at the number of times drawn in the same time bucket up to the most recent draw. This is a helpful 6d prediction formula that will help you make a calculated and informed decisions on picking 6d prediction formula to play.

It makes sure that any balls with the number of time drawn at or below the minimum threshold will be drawn in the next draw. And of course, numbers drawn at or above the maximum thresholds will not sure to be drawn ongoing draw.

Utilize the history of 4d lottery result

Generally, 4d or 6d lottery is similar together because they also base on numbers and if you are lucky to hit the numbers on the ticket, simply you will become a winner. That is the reason why it is absolutely reasonable to predict a 6d number based on toto 4d winning result history. Similarly, it is necessary for you to follow the steps like utilizing 6d toto result history to know the next winning number.

The number of times drawn and the minimum and maximum thresholds are factors you have to identify to have an accuracy 4d lucky number with high winning possibility. Then you will use these 4d number to combine with other 2 fortunate numbers.

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With the rest of 2 numbers, you can also select from lucky 4d numbers to combine and create a 6d lucky number, or you can use other methods to have these 2 numbers like based on your birthday, your dream, your name or any other possible factor you think it will be your lucky number.

Take advantage of Magnum special draw date

Although Magnum 4d special draw date does not occur frequently, but you are able to take advantage the result of this draw date to predict a 6d winning number. For some people, they think that it is only random for a number to be drawn in the special draw, but in fact, the winning numbers of the special draw date are calculated based on its previous history.

You can base on the trend of winning numbers through over time to know the minimum and maximum thresholds, along with the number of times drawn to get the best numbers that will also bring luck for you with 6d.

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Where can you predict 6d toto result?

Nowadays, there are many websites supplying lottery services and you are able to find tips and tricks to predict 6d prediction formula accurately the result of the 6d lottery. As for my experience, is one of the most reliable and quality lottery sites you should experience for the following reasons:

First, you will be provide a real space with full of lottery services. In addition, lottery experts of 4ddraw will shares and reveals for players the bet tips and tricks to make a right prediction for the next 6d toto result.


Second, 4ddraw is a legal lottery site and secure on payment. Registering an account here is also very easy and quick to start buy lottery online and experience all services here. Besides, 4ddraw will have many different promotions for players during the process of using service here.

Third, 4ddraw has a good customer support 24/24. Staff will always online and receive and resolve requests from players rapidly. By a careful consultancy, client will be really satisfied with their requirements.


Last, it is really convenient and rapid for you to access to and play lottery at 4DDRAW through laptop or mobile devices. You can sit wherever and whenever to find out and enjoy great time with lottery.

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Now click to visit this lottery site and begin researching the best 6d prediction formula to raise winning possibility and hit the highest prize. Good luck!

>>You can get 4D lucky number by 4dprediction.

  • March 7, 2017

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