Tricks to select the Lottery number with dreams and opportunities

4D magnum result

It would be so good as the lottery numbers you select you knew in advance? It would be so good to purchase the winning lottery(magnum results) paper knowing that it has the numbers right. Well you can. those who posses this acknowledge do. There are players who make it available. They claim that the future can be connected by our subconscious and the key to success is to look for the way to fetch the results from your subconscious.

There are at least two methods to achieve this mind-blowing feed.

The most common and the most well-known about are dreams and pendulum.

Both recommentation to your subconscious mind and try to minimize the participation of the conscious part of our brain.

The thing is that your brain is in relation of a much greater deal of details that you can hope.

These can be things you have seen or thought in the background, but do not pay enough attention to then. Or probably even reality from the future.

The first way to select lottery numbers in 4D magnum result

The first tip consists of a pendulum. It is a piece of woods or wood hanging on a piece of string. This involves spending your hands too. First select digits that from past 4D magnum result winning lottery drawing, before you begin writing these digits on a blank paper. Hence turn this paper upside down with the pendulum above to see the trend with this range of numbers already written on a piece of paper. You put them in front of you with the blank side up. An important is to ensure the numbers cannot be seen by you. Now, let the pendulum swing above them and that is how you use a pendulum to select the lucky numbers.

magnum results

Basing on dreams to choose lucky lottery numbers in magnum results

For some reasons, it is hard to tell how many of us absolutely do not dream, do not dream or what we dream. And even after that, does the subconscious absolutely think in terms of magnum results. So, what is about signs that you can spend instead of numbers. The second way is to ensure the use of your dreams. This is how you have to prepare a list of numbers with signs. Number one can be a pencil, number two a donut and so on. After this as you have a dream with the signs, you write them down right now. You should remember to match the signs to the number. Hopefully, these are the ones.

The largest problem in applying with these techniques is that it can be interpreted in the different ways. When you find it challenging to dream a wining lottery number. It might be that you are holding yourself back and you are not open-minded enough.

 4D magnum result

How to forecast the lottery numbers by the 4D magnum result

I am sure that you will fancy winning the lottery. As you need the winning lottery numbers, then read this post. This will support you to have a better understand how to become a winning players in the lottery. As you are strongly keen on the lottery and pay attention to the magnum results, you can develop a winning pretty plans so as to win lottery game.  It is very crucial to maintain a proper balance between the different numbers that you choose.  This is a small, nevertheless; most challenging task. Once you develop this skill of choosing the reasonable numbers, you will raise your opportunities of winning the game more often. The mixture of digits you choose in the selection process, supports to boost your odds dramatically.

4d magnum result

There are some composition of numbers that most of the gamers try to neglect, to win. Moreover, let’s listen to me “do not play a composition of repeated numbersOK? OK. 1 and 1. 10 and 10. 8 and 8 for instance.

In the next step, how to find out the numbers that you are probably to come up many times times in the lottery? Here you need to do some additional work and research on previous wining lottery digits. Begin the review of the recent lottery numbers and then find the frequencies of some numbers that existed in the game winner. Take the numbers occurred regularly in the last few days and spend these numbers in your lottery number option. Take some time and visit the lottery web, have a look on the previous winning numbers and next make a graph to get an idea that what kind of numbers often come up. Immediately, you will understand that there has never been a horizontal, straight, vertical or diagonal pattern in one of the winning digits.

Whilst you are choosing the digits for your lottery,do remember to maintain a proper balance of the even as well as odd numbers.” There should be a composition of single-and two-digit numbers.


  • September 26, 2016

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