Should you take the annuity or lump sum when winning 4D Malaysia lottery?

Lucky Number: 2729

Malaysia lottery is now one of the leading choices for fans of lottery all over the world. There are various types of lotto games such as 4D, Toto4d, 4D jackpot, 5D, 6D with amazing prizes are waiting for you every day. If you won a prize, congratulation! Now is what to do when you claim your 4D Malaysia lottery. You have to select between lump sum and long-term payments before they pay for your ticket. So, which one to choose? Refer this article to know pros and cons of both choices.

The pros and cons of lump sum payout

When you take a lump sum payout, this means you are guaranteed to at least receive the lump sum. Normally, winnings are taxed at current tax rates and it could be higher in the future or something like that. You will be guaranteed to get their entire winnings via the lump sum without any risk of strange future variables affecting your payout.

However, the cons of lump sum is that you will not receive the full jackpot amount in comparing to claiming it through gain over 20 or 30 years. In fact, this reduced amount equals about half of whatever the winning jackpot amount was. Besides, poor financial management is a problem of those who claiming lump sum because they tend to spend carelessly or invest overly. All of them could leave you bankrupt.

The pros and cons of long term payout

When you take the long-term payout if you win Malaysia lottery online or in store, the winning jackpot total paying you through gain over 20 or 30 years and not all at once. If you claim your prize in this way, the money is much more than lump sum, about half of whatever the winning jackpot amount was. The money could be worth a lot more than the first payout if prudently invested. So, should you take the annuity or lump sum when claiming your prize? Here below is suggestion for you.

4D Malaysia lottery

Which one to choose if you win Malaysia lottery

Lucky guy. Now comes the hard part after winning jackpot of keputusan 4D. The key question winners want to know is whether they should take all the cash up front or the annuity. We spoke to several financial advisors and so people who expect that the top tax rate will decrease over time should take the long term payout. While people who think the tax rate will increase over time should take the lump sum.

win Malaysia lottery

Hopefully you choose the most suitable way for yourself and keep winning over time with 4D Malaysia lottery!


  • February 10, 2017

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