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Toto magnum

There’s noone who don’t dream to win big money from lottery in one day. But, the number of winners is decreasing. The reason for this reduction is adjustments in Toto magnum . The sum of jackpots will be raised by 10 in comparison with 49 jackpots in the past since October, so the advantages to win have fallen from 1 in 13 million to a staggeringly probably 1 in 45 million. Truly the definition of a long shot.



Malaysia Toto magnum game has sold this to the public as one of many ‘enhancements‘ created to bring users a better opportunity of winning a prize and of becoming a millionaire. There is now a ‘Millionaire Raffle,’ which guarantees a £1m win in each draw. And a new prize for matching only two digits. Two matched digits wins you a free Lucky Dip for advantage in a future draw. So that is Camelot say is making absolutely two million additional winners every week.


So whilst your opportunities of winning the jackpot are vastly diminished. Your entirely odds of winning a prize has been raised from 1 in 54 to a respectable 1 in 9.3. And since the opportunity of winning the jackpot has been lowered. There will be more rollover weeks, operating bigger prize targets.

All this might seem like pretty comfort if all your dreams of early retirement were pinned on you scooping the big one. Basing on the Daily Mail, Britons are now 45 times more probably to be struck by lightning than win the lottery. But with a 1 in 10.3 opportunity of matching two numbers and bagging a free Lucky Dip for next time, as that Lucky Dip turns out to be a jackpot winning paper you might just be thanking Camelot after all.

Toto magnum

That is since most experts agree it is a better tactic to select your digits totally at random, which is just what a Lucky Dip does. Not because selecting truly random numbers makes you any more maybe to win – the odds remain the same for any mixture of six numbers. What it does mean is that your share of the prize fund is probably to be bigger, if you do win.

Choosing the lucky number for toto magnum Malaysia

We make sure that most players are far from random when they select their lottery numbers. Analysis of gamers option displays a clear birthday bias’, where the digits between 1 and 31 are selected disproportionately more often than would happen randomly, since they relate to family birthdays. Research by experimental physicist Dr Jonathan Clarke found the most common number to be 7 and the second most common to be 3 – both traditionally considered lucky numbers. Unamazingly, ‘unlucky number 13 is one of the least common options.

Toto magnum

It’s not difficult to see that as you select common numbers, it is more likely you will have to share the jackpot with many other players who select the same numbers, for similar reasons. That is truly what happened in week nine of 1995, as 133 players selected the same winning digits of 7, 17, 23, 32, 38, 42 in the Toto magnum. On another case, 57 jackpot winners all chose the digits 2, 12, 19, 28, 38, 48. On average, there should be around two jackpot winners every week, so there have to have been something pretty attractive about those two sets of numbers in magnum Malaysia.

About 4D analysis system

At first sight, there does not seem to be any clear relation. But in both cases, if you mark the winning digits on a Lottery ticket as it was set out at the period of winning (nine rows of five digits and a final row with four digits) you will find that every number is on a different round. No digits are in the outside columns and no two numbers are vertically adjacent. They are spread evenly across the lucky paper in an aesthetically pleasing pattern.

As explained by Dr John Haigh, professor of mathematics at the University of Sussex, players are pretty bad at being random. When Swiss mathematician Hans Riedwyl analyzed gamer option data for one particular week of the Malaysia Lottery, he found some composition to be much more common than others. He worked out that most common compositions had been derived systematically. Such as picking previous week’s winning digits, sometimes with one added or subtracted, or selecting numbers that make straight lines, zig-zags or symmetrical patterns on a lottery card.


Equally, there are compositions of numbers that lottery gamers tend to ignore. They are less likely to select two adjacent numbers, half of all winning combinations include them. So if you are playing for a jackpot win, your best gamble for a bigger prize is to neglect traditionally ‘lucky’ Toto magnum numbers. And stay away from making systematic options, no matter how unique you think they are.

This means you may well be better off sticking with the truly random option of a Lucky Dip. It avoids any unintentional bias that could prove very expensively, as there are others out there that think the same techniques you do.

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  • September 20, 2016

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