What will you do with a lost toto Malaysia Lottery tickets?

A valid Toto Malaysia winning ticket is required to get a prize. Losing a winning papers is like losing a big money. No prize receive can be made if there is no physical ticket. We advise players to exercise due diligence and care in safe keeping their lucky papers in good condition to avoid disappointment in making prize requirement for their winning papers. As a responsible provider, Malaysia Lottery is committed to upholding integrity in creating the lottery rules consistently and fairly across all games and players with no prejudice. Demands on any other grounds will not be considered.


Our location with regards to lost and damaged 4D Malaysia papers is as follows

  • We are in no place to prove the ownership of the ticket;
  • We will not withhold prize payment quickly since there is a Police Report made with the Ticket Security Number;
  • We do not have any duty to trace or investigate the purported theft or in tracing the misplaced/lost 4D Malaysia papers for players.
  • We will not release video footages depended on requirements to identify an individual or validate any transaction unless required by Court Order or by law to do so.

In case you tore your lottery papers. Unfortunately, to get the payment of winning the prize, your tickets have to be in a good condition, not torn, not mutilated and not defaced for any reason. Therefore, you are suggested to keep our Toto Malaysia carefully by some methods including:

  • Do not write anything on your lottery paper
  • Do not iron the ticket
  • Keep the lottery paper in a clean and dry place
  • Avoid exposing the ticket to direct sunlight.

Additionally, if winning lottery papers are stolen by some bad guys. Poor you. It is because we just give prizes for who can show us a valid winning tickets. We do not accept any reason regarding this problem. Also, to uphold our strict details security requirements, we are not allowed to review or extract transaction records as that may compromise the integrity of our program. The only time we will access the system is to comply with a Court Order or as demanded by the law to support Police investigation.

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The 4D Malaysia Ticket Validity

I am sure you will maybe visit your nearest 4D outlet as you win your lottery on the next following day. Cannot wait to get your 4D Malaysia winning the prize, isn’t? Nevertheless, here is some bonus information when you own a 4D winning papers, it will normally valid for 3 months from the date of the lottery draw and need to fulfill the below requirements as well:

  • The winning paper is valid in respect of just the draw date, draw number, the composition of numbers and category of the game as printed on the front proportion of the papers.
  • The lottery papers have to be certified by the central PC of Pan Malaysian Pools via the validation schedule.
  • The lottery papers have not to be canceled or recorded as a canceled purchase in the records of the central PC of Pan Malaysian Pools.
  • The lottery papers have not to be changed, defaced, torn, mutilated or tampered with in any manner whatsoever.
  • The lottery papers must be certified by the central PC of Pan Malaysian Pools via through the validation process.
  • Please ensure you take your winning 4D paper with care as you owned any and get your winning within 3 months. Happy winning 4D Malaysia!!

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Purchasing 4D toto Malaysia tickets through the internet

Purchasing toto4d Malaysia lottery papers on the internet wasn’t allowed for anyone outside the Malaysia til recently. The old requirements stated that only an individual with Malaysian nationality would be approved to purchase such a lotto and reach a chance of winning the lottery Toto Malaysia. Moreover, the version of playing the lottery on the internet by getting lucky lottery paper via the online system was a common way as well until currently. Nevertheless, with the innovation and development of the internet, the lottery has seen a pretty face turn.

Malaysia 4D tickets can currently get on the internet absolutely simple and quick. So lottery gamblers have begun to believe in these online lottery systems, as their payout record is considerably on the positive one. Spending ticketing agents consisting of PS gamble, Abs33 and more, it has become absolutely available for people all over the world to have Malaysia 4D lucky papers from any place. All you need to do is to click on the website and open a credit account. It will be easier for everyone to win the lottery prize in the near future.

  • December 27, 2016

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