Win more with New Year lucky money received from 4ddraw

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“Kaya –  加耶”

Everyone wants to get a win when playing lottery, but unfortunately not all people can make it come true. There are many elements effecting on your lottery results and one of them is the lottery site you signed up to. With, winning Malaysia lottery jackpot should not be a nightmare. Although New Year passed, but you have chance to get New Year lucky money and make your magnum 4d lucky number become winning number. Make it the dream of a lifetime with 4ddraw – the leading trusted Malaysia lottery site.

Win more with New Year lucky money received from 4ddraw

Easy steps to get New Year lucky money with 4ddraw

New Year also called Spring Festival is an important traditional holiday in any country around the world. It is occasion people spend time with family and friends to mark the spirit of a new year with happiness, peace, and prosperity. In New Year holiday, children and seniors receive gifts of cash in lovely red envelopes as wishes for good luck, happiness, longevity and wealth. Similarly, 4ddraw also give players New Year lucky money as a wish for good luck to win lottery jackpot. All you need to do to get New Year lucky money include:

Firstly, sign up to 4ddraw.

Secondly, deposit money to your account.

Lastly, claim generous welcome bonus and New Year lucky money.

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Winning more when playing lottery on 4ddraw

It is not by chance when more and more people are opting for 4ddraw to bet on lottery. With 4ddraw, not only can you check 4d result Malaysia today live fastest and exactly, but you will also be given more chances to win through daily free tips and strategies. Of course, we all know that playing lottery is coming down to luck, but our experts show many ways to increase your chance of winning and minimum the house edge.

Log in 4ddaw regularly to get crazy free bonus and get ahead of news and blogs from lottery experts, winning toto 4d jackpot should not be a nightmare. Remember that our customer service work 24/7 for you, so contact us anytime something goes wrong or you need further information.

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Free tips to increase your chances of winning 4d Malaysia lottery

Here below are some tips for you to increase your opportunities to get a win when playing 4D Malaysia lottery. Apply them and tell us if you were to win the lottery.

  • The first, basing on toto 4d result history. Have a look at toto 4d result history, then find out the numbers that drawn often and vice versa. After that, look at the lucky money in lovely red envelopes and find the same number with the list of number you have to find out from 4d result history. This number is much more likely winning number.
  • The seconds, play with a wheeling system. You know, it is a powerful systematic method for playing lotto games. It’s been proven time and again by many lottery winners about covering many possible winning combinations.
  • The third, join a lotto pool where people join together to share in the cost of buying lottery tickets. If you don’t have a lot of money, this a great way for you to hit huge jackpot.

Register to 4ddraw today and win big with New Year lucky money!


  • February 25, 2017

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