Win total of RM72.3mil at Malaysian Toto4D lottery


Prediction Numbers : 5306

         At Petaling Jaya, there were two businessmen became millionaires in one night with winning Sports Toto jackpots this month. Mr Wong, a businessman from Penang won the RM40.8 mil Supreme Toto 6/58 Jackpot draw on Dec 19. He was such a lucky man. He did collecting his winnings and said he has been playing Sports Toto 4d lucky number games for more than 10 years. But only bought lucky pick tickets for the toto4d  games. Usually, he only bet when he feel like playing. He does not have a specific set of numbers when it comes to playing Toto4d. Therefore he only choose the lucky pick tickets displayed on the counter. He also said that it was his wife who found out about the Jackpot win through the website.


On the other hand, the other instant millionaire who is Mr Kenny from Kedah won RM31.5 mil as well. In fact, Mr Kenny only started playing the Toto4d games after helping his friends buy toto 4d lucky number at a Sports Toto outlet three years ago. According the sharing by Mr Kenny, he is really enjoy spending RM10 to RM20 to buy lucky pick tickets in each draw just to see how lucky he is. Especially when the prize money is very high. He was shocked and he thought there was dim vision when checking his tickets using the CheckWin machine as the prize money displayed many ‘figures’.

Hence, he checked again at the outlet’s counter to confirm the winnings. Both winners defined the winnings as the biggest “year-end bonus” . They had ever received in their lives and decided to use the money on settling loans and for their children’s education, investment and charity.


  • August 2, 2016

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