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Now, we will introduce you one of the most  interesting topics regarding to lottery betting: how to find out your lucky numbers in daily life by specified dates. Occasionally, a person’s life affects the numbers but whether it will bring them good luck or not. In mathematical terms, lucky numbers have different  meanings and don’t involve in gambling at all. The lottery prediction of Toto4d lucky numbers involve the fate of a person.  And  it is difficult to interpret these numbers precisely. However, we can make some calculations based on some certain rules.


4D lucky number calculation

Do you think that you can calculate your lucky numbers and use these numbers in Toto 4Dprediction ?. In fact, There is a calculation method which has long been used by Toto4D livelottery bettors especially in Southeast Asia Countries: combining your date of birth and the date of the draw into a 4-figure number.

Regarding to the calculation performance of lucky numbers,. This date is used by many people to determine a person’s lucky numbers. The Southeast Asian countries, most bettors use lucky numbers to make a bet on the lottery. To calculate your lucky numbers, you can use your date of birthfor . For example, your birthday is 28/02/1986 . The calculation should be:

2 + 8 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 36 = 3 + 6 = 9

Then your lucky number in everyday life or life is number nine (9 ). Investment in the 4D lottery, your lucky number is 36. For example, To calculate the number for the date of lottery draw, you can base on when an entry is written. For example, if the next lottery draw date is 02/05/2014, , so the number symbolizing for the date of lottery draw should be:

0 + 2 + 0 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 14

Coupling your date of birth and the date of lottery draw, your lucky number is will be 3614. Are lottery agents the places where you should have a bet on your lucky number? Remember that there is not any place reserved for you, you will have to do it betting on the numbers you have. Before purchasing your lucky number, you can estimate the percentage of toto4Dlottery betting numbers so that you will hit the next draw.


Advice on the use of 4D lucky numbers

This calculation is only a prediction to find out your lucky numbers. If you have done the calculations, the numbers will not necessarily hit during the draw. It is based on your date of birth and, if the number hit at stake during the draw, the dates of birth and draw , will be in line with your destiny.

How to get Toto4d lucky numbers free

We would like to show you how to have a lucky number in Toto 4 d.

1. How to get Toto4d lucky number free

Actually, Sports Toto Malaysia has provided facilities for investors to get a free lucky number or purchase a lottery number on their websites. First, go to the official website of Sports Toto Malaysia, choose the game by click the button towards the game. Some people said that they would give the lucky numbers at random to the public if anyone who is purchasing lottery numbers is lucky, s/he will earn prizes in Sport Toto Malaysia.

To get your lucky number, you can access the website of Sport Toto Lucky Number and choose an appropriate game to your wish then click the button to get started.

2. Another way to get the lucky number

“To get the lucky numbers” is actually an idea of a man who did agree to public this for everyone’s sake. According to this method, you should analyze the latest resultsby checking them on the website 7m, whereby you will see something like below:

The numbers marked in red are the results of the calculations. You should choose an option to hit the highest number which will be used as your wager in the next draw.

However, you must still do a calculation in advance to guarantee the probability of hitting in the next draw. Besides, you also have to make an assessment about the numbers. For example, these numbers will hit the system 12 or 14 when the draw is settled. The effectiveness of this system depends on your competence and experiences in the understanding of the mathematical probabilistic system.


3. Toto4d Prediction

To choose the numbers, you have to exceed the calculation of number ten (10). The rule is easy, that the largest numbers are the ones having high probability which can hit the next draw. Even so, for instance, if you choose the four largest numbers, you do not need to select all of them for joining in the next draw; nevertheless, some numbers still can continue hitting the next draw occasionally.

In conclusion, you can choose your betting numbers by this method. The method is very popular to lottery investors; because many of them have achieved victories thanks to their good understanding and experiences in the mathematical probabilistic system. If you are a newbie to lottery, you should research fully the system’s working mechanism, so that you can apply this method for Toto 4d Malaysia and 4D Singapore or another many countries in the world.

  • July 20, 2016

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